Dedicated to Building Brighter Futures

Passion. Experience. Grit.

Building a company that challenges all start-up norms is not for the faint of heart. The team, Board and advisors of Astarte Medical have come together to change the narrative on health for infants and children. We share a passion to make a difference, not cliche, but to develop tools and solutions that change the face of health in ways many have overlooked - by focusing on nutrition and feeding. Fundamental elements of life, of health, and the most modifiable risk factor in healthcare.

Our experience has afforded us confidence in our ability to address pediatric care, an area snubbed by investors and large companies. We know that by changing the trajectory of health for children, we can avoid the chronic and long-term health issues crippling our system today. Standing up against common consensus is difficult. Working with and selling to hospitals is hard. That’s where our tenacity and grit move us forward. If it were easy, anyone would do it. We are not anyone.

You Can Make A Difference

We welcome collaboration with potential team members, visionary investors, and strategic partners who share our mission to improve health for our children.